The book “flying high” by Julian Edelman, who played 12 seasons as an NFL wide receiver for the New England Patriots, published one of my absolute favorite books to read for my kids.

Something that’s always top of mind for me is taking every opportunity to teach my children what it means to have a strong work ethic, belief in themselves, confidence and other positive character traits. This simple book is just one more intentional way of helping them understand that belief and hard work pays off.

Each of the characters in this book has great undertones, while keeping everything concise and clear. The Squirrel, G.O.A.T., Bear, Eagle, Buffalo and even the Owl.

There is also a “flying high 2“ and a “flying high 3“, which I have not yet read, but look forward to getting and sharing with my children soon.

Original book:

Flying High 2:

Flying High 3: