Killer Coders Kensington Talent Show 2024!

I chose “Python” for my talent at the annual talent show because I’ve seen my dad coding with it for years, and it looked really cool! For the show, we decided to do something fun with these bright, colorful LED lights that you can control with code. It was awesome because lots of people, over 200 kids and their families, got to see it. After that, more of my friends and other kids wanted to try it too, so we made the project easier so everyone could have a go at it. It’s been really fun seeing everyone get excited about coding just like I am!

Interested in any part of this project? Let us know! We are happy to help answer any questions and love sharing the concepts with other curious minds. 

Future plans are already underway for a smaller version that can be controlled with physical buttons for younger learners and a version that can be internet controlled for older students.  Click below to learn more.

STEM Tech Skill Building

“We used our creativity and tech skills to transform simple items into amazing light displays. It’s been an exciting journey of learning and creating!”

– Jackson

Learn and Grow

“This project was perfect for us to explore and grow. We started simple and then experimented with cool features like WiFi and AI coding!”

– Jack

Creativity on Display

“We discovered the fun of electronics and programming. Each new design we made was more inventive than the last!”

– Mason

The Science of Fun Learning

“Our creativity really thrived in our projects. We all made unique designs, showing how versatile and fun technology can be!”

– Danny

Our creativity really thrived in our projects. We all made unique designs, showing how versatile and fun technology can be!

– Danny

Creativity on Display

“Creating patterns and seeing them light up was a blast! My designs got more creative each time.”

– Derek

“Using AI for my display was really cool. I loved figuring out how to bring my ideas to life!”


The Science of Fun Learning

““We, the Killer Coders, didn’t just build displays; we expressed our imagination and talents! If you’re curious learn more about our adventure in technology and creativity, we’d love to share more about it!”

– JJ

Try Out AI Coding:


🌟 STEM Adventure Awaits! 🌟

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