Siri Shortcut: Create Task In Your Board

Download the basic Siri Shortcut directly from Apple

This basic shortcut simply creates an item with name on the board you specify.  You will need your API key from as well as your Board ID. If you need help, simply scroll down.  If you want to be able to add statuses, auto assign groups, etc. then simply create an account.

Improve your work with more Siri Shortcuts

Take your work to the next level of simplicity and automation.  Create an account to get access to advanced Siri shortcuts that add values to your columns when items are created, search for item cards, trigger advanced notifications and much more.

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Getting your API Key
1. Go to your account
2. Click the Account icon in the bottom-left corner
3. Select Admin
4. Select “API” from the left sidebar
5. Copy the API Key under Personal API Token.
How To Get Your Board ID

The board ID can be found in the URL as soon as you open your board:


How to add the board ID and API Key to the shortcut

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Pro tip #1: Use multiple board names

Simply duplicate this shortcut with different name to “create <board name> item” so you can use siri to directly add items to multiple boards.

Pro tip #2: Quick access to newly created items

Set your board automation to Notify on New Item, then you will get a card pushed your phone that will enable you to add details in the newly created item with a single tap… no more messing around with searching and filtering

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